Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Makin' the Cuppies

I've been doing lots of baking lately. Lots. And lots.

My kids are getting used to me being up late, and hearing the mixer going at all hours.

But, what can I say? I work better at night.

These are some of the cuties I've turned out lately.

This one was quite the yummy concoction.
Let's see: Brownie cupcake. check
               Nutter Butter truffle filling. check
               Chocolate fudge frosting. check
               Drizzle of Reese's chocolate/peanut butter syrup. check
Can you say Sugar Shock?? lol

I also whipped up these little beauties, just in time for the Royal Wedding.
(Not that I watched the wedding, mind you.)

These are delicious Earl Grey cupcakes with a delectable Lemon Buttercream. Heavenly.
Now, if only I had a funky hat to wear, I would've gone to the wedding and delivered them myself. :-)

But after I finished with my romantic notions of royal love stories, I got back to the real business of cupcake making.
I call these "Sir Pistachalote"
Chocolate Cupcake with chopped Pistachios
Pistachio Buttercream
Chopped Pistachios for a garnish
(Are ya drooling yet??)

And, to make things even more interesting, we can make any of these cupcakes FOR YOU!!! 

C'mon. Ya know ya want some!