Getting to Know Me

My name is Laurie, and I live in New England (Connecticut, to be exact), where, if you wait a few minutes, the weather will change! But, I guess we have the best of all worlds here with the 4 seasons; I just wish winter wasn't soooooo long and sooooo cold!!!

I have two children, a girl, 23, and a boy, 15. They keep me active, and grounded, and constantly amazed at how much love a person can feel for another!

In my previous "life", I was an attorney, and active in local politics. Now, don't hate me for that; I did get out of politics!! However, after some life-altering events in the last half dozen years or so, I decided that I needed to slow down, and smell the coffee, the roses, and the things baking in my oven.

Which leads me to SweetCakes, my blog and online business.  I have always been more of a baker than a cook, and have always been complimented on my creations. For years, I made birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, and wedding cakes for friends and family. At Thanksgiving, I would make pies, and at Christmas, dozens of different cookies came out of my oven. I gained most of my appreciation for baking at the knee of my Grandma Sarah, who survived the Holocaust and emigrated to the States in 1947. She lived with us while I was growing up, and baked the most awesome delights!! In fact, I was so spoiled as a youngster, that I didn't know what a cake mix was until I left home for college.

I decided recently that baking was so much of a passion for me, that I wanted to do it full time. At least as much as possible! And so, SweetCakes was born. With the help of my family, and devoted boyfriend, Randy, I have been researching, experimenting, and trying my hand at new mediums for months. Sometimes I stumble, but most times I feel gratified that I am doing something I love, and hope that others will as well.

I hope you'll join me on this journey!!