Friday, April 8, 2011


For those that have asked us about pictures of some of our cupcakes, here are a few:

The above cupcakes are Blueberry Puree cupcake with a Whipped Blueberry Buttercream. They are really scrumptious, and the color is absolutely amazing. Only in nature....

These are our Cherry Cordial: a devil's food cupcake with cherries, topped with chocolate ganache, cherry infused Buttercream, and a chocolate covered cherry. These are very popular!!

These cuties are our Pink Velvet cupcakes with a White Chocolate Ganache, topped with pink sugar crystals. For anyone who's ever had velvet cake, other than red velvet, you know that it's smoothness cannot be compared!

And finally, we have our Milky Way Cupcakes. These are truly out of this world. (No pun intended). The cupcake is actually made with melted Milky Way candy. And it only gets better from there!!

Are ya hungry yet????? :-)

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